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Ricky Rich did a remarkable job of leasing my two townhomes in a very short period of time– one within the month, and the other, just over a month after their coming on the market.  Being experienced in the art of promoting properties, he was quickly able to capture the interests of potential renters and find suitable ones for my units.  Even after the townhomes had been rented, Ricky has continued to graciously make himself available to answer my questions regarding the rentals.  In that sense, he has been an exemplary agent, excellent at creating and maintaining a long term professional relationship with his client.

I’ve been particularly impressed with Ricky’s attention to detail.  He has a discerning eye that allows him to know what tenants are looking for in a rental.  Towards that end, he was extremely focused in enhancing and/or modifying aspects of my townhomes that would encourage tenants to rent.  Often, Ricky would take the time to personally attend to these details, to expedite the job, instead of waiting for the technician or service person.  That clearly spoke to me about his dedication — making sure I, as his client, got the best possible tenants in the shortest period of time.

Finally, Ricky was polite, courteous and always professional. He coordinated with me throughout the process, made it easy & streamlined to complete the leasing paperwork, and always responded to my many texts & emails promptly & patiently. I thank him for his help, and would recommend him without reservation to anyone on either side of the rental divide – landlords or renters.